Coconut Raspberry Ice Cream: A Perfect Summer Treat

Looking for a refreshing and delicious treat to beat the summer heat? Look no further than Coconut Raspberry Ice Cream. This mouthwatering dessert is a delightful combination of creamy coconut and tangy raspberry flavors. With just three simple ingredients – coconut milk, sugar, and raspberry jam – you can easily whip up this delectable treat in no time. Whether you choose to churn it in an ice cream machine or simply freeze it in the freezer, this captivating concoction will surely become your go-to summer indulgence. And if you want to take it to the next level, feel free to add a pinch of salt for a burst of flavor or some coconut flakes to add a delightful texture. Top it all off with a generous dollop of raspberry jam swirled in to create a beautiful ripple effect, and you’ve got yourself a perfect summer delight that will leave you wanting more. So, grab a spoon, savor the creamy goodness, and enjoy the scrumptiousness of Coconut Raspberry Ice Cream.


Coconut milk

Coconut milk is the star ingredient in coconut raspberry ice cream. It provides a creamy and rich base for the ice cream, giving it that luscious texture that we all love.


Sugar is necessary to sweeten the ice cream and balance out the tartness of the raspberry. It enhances the flavors and helps create a smooth and creamy consistency.

Raspberry jam

Raspberry jam adds a burst of fruity and vibrant flavor to the ice cream. It provides the distinct taste of raspberry and creates a beautiful swirl effect throughout the ice cream.

Optional Tweaks

Coconut Raspberry Ice Cream: A Perfect Summer Treat

Substituting some of the sugar with birch sugar

For those who are looking for a healthier alternative or have dietary restrictions, birch sugar can be used as a substitute for some of the regular sugar. Birch sugar, also known as xylitol, has a lower glycemic index and is suitable for people with diabetes.

Adding a pinch of salt for flavor depth

To enhance the overall taste of the ice cream, a pinch of salt can be added. Salt has the ability to elevate flavors and bring out the sweetness of the coconut and the tartness of the raspberry.

Adding coconut flakes for a coconut texture

For those who want an extra coconut kick, coconut flakes can be added to the ice cream. They provide a delightful texture and a subtle crunch that complements the creamy coconut and raspberry flavors.

Making the Coconut Raspberry Ice Cream Base

Coconut Raspberry Ice Cream: A Perfect Summer Treat

Mixing coconut milk and raspberry jam

To create the base for the ice cream, coconut milk and raspberry jam are mixed together. The coconut milk adds creaminess while the raspberry jam adds sweetness and flavor.

Creating a smooth mixture

It is important to mix the coconut milk and raspberry jam until they are well combined and smooth. This ensures that all the flavors are evenly distributed throughout the ice cream base.

Churning the Ice Cream

Using an ice cream machine

For the best results, an ice cream machine can be used to churn the coconut raspberry ice cream. The machine incorporates air into the mixture, resulting in a lighter and creamier texture.

Coconut Raspberry Ice Cream: A Perfect Summer Treat

Freezing the mixture in the freezer

If an ice cream machine is not available, the ice cream base can be placed in the freezer and still-frozen. It may not have the same light and airy texture as when churned in the machine, but it will still be delicious.

Creating the Ripple Effect

Spreading raspberry jam on top of the ice cream

To give the ice cream its signature ripple effect, raspberry jam is spread on top of the ice cream. It is important to spread the jam evenly to ensure that every bite has a burst of raspberry flavor.

Swirling the jam into the ice cream base

After spreading the jam, a swirling motion is used to mix the jam into the ice cream base. This creates beautiful ribbons of raspberry throughout the coconut ice cream, adding visual appeal and enhancing the flavor.

Freezing the Ice Cream

Coconut Raspberry Ice Cream: A Perfect Summer Treat

Placing the ice cream in the freezer

Once the raspberry jam has been swirled into the ice cream base, it is time to place the mixture in the freezer. This allows the ice cream to firm up and develop a creamy and smooth texture.

Allowing it to firm up

It is important to give the ice cream enough time to firm up in the freezer. This usually takes a few hours, depending on the temperature of the freezer. Patience is key here!

Serving and Enjoying

Removing the ice cream from the freezer

When it’s finally time to enjoy the coconut raspberry ice cream, take it out of the freezer and allow it to soften slightly for a few minutes. This will make scooping easier and ensure a smooth and creamy texture.

Coconut Raspberry Ice Cream: A Perfect Summer Treat

Scooping it into bowls or cones

Using an ice cream scoop, carefully scoop the coconut raspberry ice cream into bowls or cones. Make sure to get a generous amount of the ripple effect with each scoop!

Garnishing with coconut flakes or fresh raspberries

To add an extra touch of coconut flavor or a burst of freshness, garnish the ice cream with some coconut flakes or fresh raspberries. This not only adds visual appeal, but also enhances the overall taste experience.

The Taste of Coconut Raspberry Ice Cream

The creamy richness of coconut

Coconut milk adds a luxurious creaminess to the ice cream, making it incredibly smooth and velvety on the palate. It creates a perfect base for the fruity raspberry flavor to shine through.

The tartness of raspberry

Raspberry jam brings a delightful tartness to the ice cream, adding a bright and refreshing note. It balances out the sweetness and adds a burst of fruity flavor with every bite.

The contrast of flavors

The combination of creamy coconut and tangy raspberry creates a harmonious contrast of flavors. It’s a marriage of tropical and fruity tastes that is both satisfying and refreshing.

Versatility of Coconut Raspberry Ice Cream

Serving it alone

Coconut raspberry ice cream is delicious all on its own. A scoop or two is the perfect treat for a hot summer day or a cozy night in. It stands strong as a standalone dessert.

Pairing it with other desserts

For those who love to experiment, coconut raspberry ice cream can be paired with other desserts to create unique flavor combinations. It can be served alongside warm brownies or paired with a slice of chocolate cake for a decadent dessert experience.

Adding it to a sundae or milkshake

Get creative and use coconut raspberry ice cream as a base for sundae creations or milkshakes. Top it with chocolate sauce, nuts, whipped cream, and cherries for an indulgent sundae, or blend it with milk for a creamy and fruity milkshake.


The indulgence of Coconut Raspberry Ice Cream

Coconut raspberry ice cream is a truly indulgent treat that combines the tropical flavors of coconut with the tanginess of raspberry. It is a dessert that can transport you to a sunny beach, even if you’re just enjoying it in your own backyard.

A refreshing summertime treat

With its creamy texture and fruity flavor, coconut raspberry ice cream is the perfect way to cool down on a hot summer day. It provides a refreshing and satisfying taste experience that is sure to please both kids and adults alike.

Simple to make with delicious results

Despite its luxurious taste, coconut raspberry ice cream is surprisingly easy to make. With just a few simple ingredients and a little bit of patience, you can create a homemade dessert that will impress your family and friends. So why not give it a try and treat yourself to a scoop of this delightful frozen treat?